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Full HD Dual Channel Dash Camera with 3.0″ OLED Touch Screen, GPS & WIFI
Experience the ultimate in screen performance with our OLED display. Featuring bright vivid colours and optimal viewing from almost any angle and every situation. The magnetic mount makes detaching the DSH-1052 easy, allowing you to take your dash camera from car to car or to your PC without loosing any of the adhesive hold on your windscreen.
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Record your journey, capturing all the details in FULL-HD 1080p.

Easily navigate menus, adjust settings and view footage using the in-built touch screen.

Real Time Alerts powered by Here Maps, drivers can access a smarter and safer driving experience.
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1080p Full HD

The increased resolution provides for a clearer picture. Captures your trip in full high definition recording all details on the road.

150° Field Of View

Ultra-Wide angle lens provides greater area coverage and protection. With the extra visibility, the camera can monitor the bigger surrounding area when accident happen.

3.0″ OLED Touch Screen

Experience the bright vivid colours and optimal viewing from almost any angle and every situation. Our innovative OLED Touch Screen combined with our intuitive user interface makes menu navigation and footage playback easier than ever.

ADAS Alerts

By providing warnings and alerts about your driving environment, this modern system takes the driver security to the next level and decreases the level of risk.

Rear/Reverse Camera

Recording from both the front and rear along with the time and date can help protect from fraudulent claims and give you evidence you may need in the case of an incident.

Inbuilt WIFI & GPS

Access footage on your smartphone via WiFi. The built-in GPS logger records your vehicle speed, location, time and date along with your dash camera footage for easy playback using Google Maps.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive on-screen warnings to a maximum of 500 metres of the following:

  • Fixed Speed Cameras
  • Railway Crossings
  • Red Light Cameras
  • Accident Blackspots*
  • School Zone Speed Alerts*

*Here Maps does not support School Zone & Accident Blackspot Alers for New Zealand.

Wide Dynamic Range

Our Wide Dynamic Range sensor automatically adjusts the light and dark areas of the image, increasing image contrast and picture detail, delivering sharp images in both Day or Night, Rain or Shine.

Playback High Quality Videos.
The 1080P Full High Definition Dash Camera records the road in fine detail, providing crystal clear images when played back.

3.0″ OLED Touch Screen
Dual Channel
150 Degree
Up to 128GB/UHS class 3 & above
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Frequently Asked Questions
Please forget the WiFi network for the DSH-680 on your phone, then delete the App. Then re-install the new DSH-680 App that is on the App store. When you search for the DSH-680 on your WiFi settings on your phone, you will notice it will come up with some numbers after the – on the WiFi name (i.e. DSH680-1234) After you have connected via WiFi to the device, open the new DSH-680 app and connect to the camera. If a username and password box shows up, you will see the username field has DSH680- in it already. You need to add the additional numbers from what the WiFi name was, then use the normal 12345678 for the password. Please Note: You may have to press “connect to carcam” twice to bring up the picture.
There are several advantages to having an In Car Digital Video Recorder operational in your vehicle. Unquestionably the most prominent benefit for customers is the ability to limit their liability in insurance disputes. In-Car Digital Video Recorder footage may be tendered as evidence to deny liability for the innocent party in a car accident. Disputes arising concerning which party is at fault can be circumvented through the use of In-Car Digital Video Recorders.
Yes, In-Car Digital Video Recorders are legal in all states of Australia & New Zealand and are highly regarded by insurance companies and the Police as the footage may assist them to take out the guess work from on-road incidents.
All Dashmate In-Car Digital Video Recorders are plug & play which means that they come with everything you need to get started. DIY installation is simple; to install a Dashmate In-Car Digital Video Recorder simply mount the product to the interior of your vehicle’s windscreen with the supplied mount followed by plugging the unit into the cigarette lighter for power or running from charged battery power.
All Dashmate In-Car HD Digital Video Recorders feature Loop Recording. Loop Recording means the camera will automatically delete the oldest dated files to make room for new recordings i.e. the camera may be deleting recorded files from Saturday when you’re driving on Sunday. Essentially, there is no need to empty the SD card when it becomes full. The user can continue to use the camera long term without the unit needing constant attention. The purpose of Loop Recording is that only the most imperative footage is saved for future reference rather than recording non-stop where all the footage recorded may not necessarily be relevant.  Video recording is highly memory intensive so Loop Recording is typically used as a method for making the most use of the limited memory space in an In-Car DVR.
When a collision occurs, the Gravity Sensor (G Sensor) can sense sudden movements and according to the G Sensor sensitivity setting, the DVR can automatically determine whether to set the currently recording video to protection mode which will ensure that the video footage from a “sensed” incident is protected from being overwritten by future Loop Recording.
In-Car Digital Video Recorders with Motion Detection will only record when motion is sensed and will automatically switch off when the camera is dormant. This feature is particularly valuable when incidents occur without warning.
Having the additional benefit of a GPS logger on your In-Car Digital Video Recorder means that any incident recorded will also have an additional layer of information recording the path, location, speed and details which uses Google Maps to replay the footage on your computer.
All DASHMATE DVR’s are powered via a USB port that is inserted into the charger in your car cigarette lighter charging port. Once you start your vehicle’s engine the In Car Digital Video Recorder will automatically power. DASHMATE DVR’s also feature a rechargeable batteries for short term cord free use.
All Dashmate Digital Video Recorders will record audio whilst recording video. However if you would like to turn audio recording off you are able to do so via the camera’s Menu.
In the event of any accessory failing due to manufacturing defect during the warranty period or should you require a replacement accessory, please contact the Dashmate support team at service@directed.com.au.
To ensure seamless operation of your Dashmate dash cam, we strongly recommend that you refer to your owner’s manual under specifications to which Micro SD is required. As a minimum it should be a class 10 standard, in 32GB and Max 128GB brand from a well-known manufacturer and also cards which contain a multi-layer NAND Type . All models also have a maximum capacity limit support.
The inbuilt G-Sensor function can be utilised and triggered to record events when your vehicle is parked and powered off. When the camera detects motion or any shock movement it will record a short write protected file which cannot be deleted by the loop record function. Periodically it would be recommended to manually format the Micro SD card as it will release occupied protected data.
Majority of operation function freeze can be related back to using the incorrect Micro SD used or defective flash memory. To check this concern Dashmate suggest trying another compatible card for recovery.
Ensure Dashcam’s WIFI is On , It gives voice alert to inform the WIFI On/Off Status . WIFI can be turned On-off by short pressing the Power On button on front camera On your smart device download the Dashmate App, specific to the model that you bought , from the Google Play store if you are using an Android device, or the iOS App store if you are using an iPhone. Power up the Dashmate DVR and allow less than 2 minutes for the WIFI connection to start. Once the App is downloaded and installed on your phone and the Dash Cam is powered up, open your phones WIFI settings and connect to the wireless connection named DSH-XXXX When prompted enter the password 12345678 WIFI Name: DSH-XXXX Password: 12345678